Author and Raconteur

Robert Schnakenberg has been called “the Howard Zinn of nerd pop culture.” He is the author of more than a dozen books, including Old Man Drinks, Christopher Walken A-to-Z, Secret Lives of Great Authors, and the New York Times bestseller The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray. His work has appeared in Penthouse.

“The very best wingman you know: filled with enthusiasm for a cornucopia of nerdy fandoms, a proliferator of resonantly poetic discourse on delightfully trivial matters, and just generally a purveyor of excellent party tricks. You don’t mind introducing Schnakenberg to your friends; he always makes you look good.”

—Megan Volpert, Pop Matters 

“Schnakenberg is the clown prince of American letters!”

Jack Canfora, playwright, author of Fellow Travelers

“Schnakenberg looks exactly like the hipster douche his movie tastes suggest he is.

David Razi, Twitter user

“Looks like the spawn of Gary Sinise and a Beetlejuice-era Michael Keaton.”

—Anonymous Internet Commenter

The Icons Trilogy

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray

The Encyclopedia Shatnerica

Christopher Walken A-to-Z


Secret Lives of Great Authors

Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers

Secret Lives of the Supreme Court

written as David Stabler
Dale Cover.jpg

Kid Presidents

Kid Athletes

Kid Artists

Kid Authors

Kid Scientists

Who Is Dale Earnhardt Jr.?


Old Man Drinks

Crazy Shit Presidents Said

Distory: A Treasury of Historical Insults

Sci-Fi Baby Names

The Underground Baseball Encyclopedia

The Underground Football Encyclopedia

Female Force: Sonia Sotomayor

Female Force: Barbara Walters

Michelle Obama: Year One